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Production Starter Package

In addition to our Lighting and Grip Packages, SYNC also offers our Production Starter Package to suit your needs. Crew of 10? Covered. Crew of 30? Covered! We’ve got tables, chairs, popup canopies, wardrobe racks, makeup mirrors, extension cords, fans, foggers and a whole lot more.

Our Production Starter Package is not only an incredible value at $100 (for $200 worth of supplies), it’s also the perfect starting point for small to medium shoots. This package has everything you need on location and you can add items such as coolers, fans and Bose Boomboxes to compliment your base camp set up.  This package can also be expanded to include more of the same items for larger shoots!

Production Starter Package $100 includes:

  • 1x 10×10 PopUp Canopy (+2 Sides and 2 Sandbags)
  • 6x Folding Chairs
  • 3x 6ft. Folding Tables
  • 2x Rolling Wardrobe Racks
  • 2x Tall Directors Chairs
  • 1x Garment Steamer
  • 2x 50ft. Extension Cords
  • 1x Power Strip
  • 4x Motorola CP200 Walkies
  • 1x PopUp Garbage Can
  • 2x Furniture Pads

This highly discounted production package is made exclusively to complement our Pre-loaded Sprinters and Trucks!

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