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SYNC Rental Packages

SYNC now has several gear packages to choose from to compliment our Sprinter/Truck Rentals and Partner Studio Spaces. SYNC can help you have a perfect day on set by customizing your rental order and making recommendations to fit your needs.

Our packages get you everything you want in one convenient place at a price that’s discounted (50% or more for Grip and Production) from a la carte rental.  We’ve tried to think of everything for you, so our grip packages include a safety net of the most often needed grip, basic production and safety supplies and expendables (for individual purchase). We’ve even thrown in a fully-stocked toolkit as an added bonus!

These packages are form, function, and flexibility all in one place, so whether you’re shooting big or shooting small, on set or in the studio, SYNC has got you covered!

Packages we offer

Grip Packages:

Sprinter Standard Grip Package

Sprinter Streamlined Grip Package

Cube Standard Grip Package

Cube Streamlined Grip Package

Lighting Packages for use with our Customized, Pre-loaded Sprinters/Cube Trucks:

The High-Speed SYNC Package

The Elite 8 Package

Light-Shaping Packages:

Starter Light-Shaping Package

Extras Light-Shaping Package

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