Photo Equipment Rental Los Angeles

Key Assistants

Giving you the Advantage

Early Call Times? No Problem. Late Night Wraps? No Problem.

Each SYNC Crew member has been trained to take full advantage of all that our custom Sprinters have to offer and they have been entrusted with access to shop, making early call times and late night wraps a breeze.

They are authorized to pick-up equipment under SYNC’s account at dozens of rental houses all over L.A. and are experienced photo assistants who are available to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Equipment delivery and pick up
  • Unloading and re-loading Sprinter vans and cube trucks
  • Production supply set-up and break-down (saves you overtime!)
  • Photo Assistant Services
  • Lighting Tech Services
  • Digital Tech Services
  • Production Coordination

Time is Money

Over time, the SYNC Crew has developed a super-efficient, organized workflow that compliments the design and functionality of our Sprinter vans.

Having a SYNC Driver/Key Assistant on the job means:

  • The equipment order has been carefully checked-in and loaded
    (we can fit more gear into a Sprinter than most folks put in a cube truck)
  • The Sprinter will arrive at location EARLY
  • Set-Up will be fast and organized
  • The shoot will move quickly because our custom Cartz easily roll shot bags, c-stands, apple boxes and flags to exactly where you need them
  • Wrap time is dramatically reduced because the SYNC Assistant can reload the Sprinter just as fast as they unloaded it

Trained. Access to the shop. Ready to work.

Contact Michael @ 213.357.9443

Contact Juliet @: 210-859-4301
Contact Serena @: 310-713-6837 

Contact Keegan @: 214.664.0111
Contact LR @: 310.686.7749