Photo Equipment Rental Los Angeles

SYNC Gutz™

Need to trick out a cube truck with lots of photo gear and production supplies? We can help.

SYNC has focused on every aspect of organization.  Our custom fabricated brackets, shelves, racks and carts help maximize space and safely move gear from truck to set. We call these items SYNC Gutz™ & Cartz™.

Available to rent, you can now inexpensively customize your cube truck, impress your clients, save tons of time and bring your production value up a few notches. Choose the items you need and build your own SYNC-style truck that’s as efficient as our Sprinter Vans. We’ll happily consult with you on configuring the truck to best meet your needs and then assemble it for you!

SYNC Gutz™ | SYNC Cartz™ | SYNC Sprinter Gutz™ and Mini-Cartz™