Photo Equipment Rental Los Angeles

Lighting Packages


These location lighting packages are designed to complement our Pre-Loaded, Sprinter and Cube Trucks!

  • The High Speed SYNC
    • Discounted over 30% from a la carte rental
    • 7 flash heads and 7,800 watts of power!
  • The Elite 8
    • Discounted over 40% from a la carte rental
    • 7 flash heads and 10,200 watts of power
  • The Lucky 7
    • Discounted over 50% from a la carte rental
    • 8 flash heads and 14,400 watts of power


Renting from SYNC is easy!

Step 1. Pick a vehicle.

Step 2. Pick a grip package.

Step 3. Pick a lighting package.

Step 4. Pick a light-shaping package.

Step 5. Get shooting!

(Note: These packages cannot be rented without a sprinter or cube truck. If you are shooting in-studio at one of our Partner Spaces, please see the Studio Lighting Packages we have available.)